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  • Prefetch —   [dt. »vorzeitiges Abholen«] das, Technik, mittels derer ein Prozessor bereits beim Ausführen einer Operation den Opcode der nächsten einliest, wodurch sich die Verarbeitungsgeschwindigkeit erhöht. Eine weitere Verbesserung erlaubt die Branch… …   Universal-Lexikon

  • Prefetch — Als Prefetching bezeichnet man in der Informatik das heuristische Laden von Speicherinhalten aufwärts in der Speicherhierarchie, bevor ein Bedarf evident geworden ist, um so im Falle des tatsächlich eintretenden Bedarfs eine höhere… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • prefetch — verb To load data or instructions in anticipation of their need See Also: fetch …   Wiktionary

  • prefetch — n. (Computers) method of loading instructions from memory and arranging them in queue to be read by the processor (reduces the time the processor must wait while instructions are loaded separately) v. (Informal) fetch in advance, gather items and …   English contemporary dictionary

  • prefetch — [pri: fɛtʃ] verb Computing transfer (data) from main memory to temporary storage in readiness for later use …   English new terms dictionary

  • prefetch — …   Useful english dictionary

  • Prefetch buffer — The prefetch buffer is a memory cache located on modern RAM modules which stores data before it is actually needed. In addition to increased operation frequencies, decreased heat production, increased latency, and increased bandwidth, the width… …   Wikipedia

  • Prefetch input queue — Most modern processors load their instructions some clock cycles before they execute them. This is achieved by pre loading machine code from memory into a prefetch input queue (PIQ).This behavior only applies to von Neumann computers (that is,… …   Wikipedia

  • Instruction prefetch — In computer architecture, instruction prefetch is a technique used in microprocessors to speed up the execution of a program by reducing wait states.Modern microprocessors are much faster than the memory where the program is kept, meaning that… …   Wikipedia

  • Prefetcher — Prefetcher  компонент операционной системы Microsoft Windows, ускоряющий процесс её начальной загрузки, а также сокращающий время запуска программ. Prefetcher впервые появился в операционной системе Windows XP. Начиная с Windows Vista, он… …   Википедия

  • Prefetcher — The Prefetcher is a component of versions of Microsoft Windows starting with Windows XP.Fact|date=April 2008 It is a component of the Memory manager that speeds up the Windows boot process, and shortens the amount of time it takes to start up… …   Wikipedia

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